City bubbles were placed in Tanjong Pagar district as a part of Singapore Urban Design Festival taking place between 14th and 18th of March 2018. Festival stated aim was to ignite global movement in placemaking while transforming the Tanjong Pagar district into a hub of urban design thinking.

Responding to event requirements city bubbles are a non site-specific, functional installation which can interact with any surrounding by introducing to it elements of surprise, joy and playfulness. Equally attractive to representatives of all age groups and responding to one of the most basic needs: resting, city bubbles can firmly albeit shortly anchor themselves in any location by becoming its interactive central feature.

Formally inspired by soap bubbles and their outstanding visual qualities the irregular agglomeration of spheres (bubbles) can be seat on, leaned on or climbed on freely. It offers enough space for a small group of people to be enjoyed simultaneously, becoming a social catalyser.

Iridescent effect steaming from interference of light reflecting from various surfaces of the spheres creates an ever-changing, dynamic presence in the city.

The semi-transparent structure is a stimulatingly disruptive feature in Duxton Hill, not only on street level but also when seen from above for example from ever present in Singapore tall buildings.