Khon Kaen

Our ideé fixe while working on the TCDC project was to create a building, which would not only with its functional layout but also with its form serve as catalyser for cultural and scientific exchange and interaction. A building which would not become another isolated city island guarded by security, key card checkpoints, limited access points and strict visiting hours but a truly public arena.

In this way we opted on expanding on the TCDC mission of creative stimulation using openness and richness of Essan culture as reference. The TCDC building should not only provide knowledge exchange opportunity and a place to study but catalyse interaction and bring people from various backgrounds together. At the same time we aim to provide efficient, easy to use space. Space that offers natural light, good outlooks to the city and access to green areas where one can relax. On urban level the building should set its mark too, being easy recognizable as a landmark. It ought to distinguish itself locally to reflect the prominence of TCDC role in Thai society.

The whole project is organized around large circular, amphitheatre like space. It works in the same way in section and in plan. It is a place from where every function is accessible, it is a place where everyone can sit, have a break, drink a coffee, relax.

It is naturally lit from above, with fresh air enriched through trees surrounding the building filtering in. All other functions are distributed around the central space which also serves as main communication area.

The façade offers a lot of shadow protecting people inside from the extensive sun.