The Reveal Wax Salon is located in one of the more visible spots in rapidly evolving district of Bangkok – Ari. A corner, which most of the motorized commuters will pass by on their way to and from work, usually getting shortly stuck in the merging traffic. This high exposure of the place, combined with the personal character of offered procedure and resulting requirement for privacy create contrasting conditions for the design.

In order to provide sufficient seclusion but at the same time not willing to turn the project back on the city by creating an introverted space with closed elevation we used surrounding trees as formal inspiration for organization and shape of the interior. Leaving the full sized windows unobstructed, the three operating rooms have been organized in free-standing, tree trunk like, elliptic spaces connected at the top by extending yellow pipes. Inside, curved walls, combined with white, soft interior finishing create very intimate and soothing rooms. Double layer of cloth wrapping each room increase sound insulation.

Meandering space on the outside, between operating rooms, provides just enough privacy allowing for natural light to filter in between the yellow “trees”. Organically created small niches become waiting areas. Storage and toilet are located in the existing back room adjacent to main space. White terrazzo on the ground constitutes a seamless background – base for the interior.

The pipes, extending towards the façade underscore the verticality of the room but at the same lower the actual ceiling changing the proportion and perception of the in-between space making it more cosy and human scale – like. Nearly touching with the branches of trees outside, they unify the project appearance on the outside. Broken yellow, a colour not commonly used in architecture but dominant in the project, stands out in contrast to mundane surrounding of the project.