Sa Kaeo

The new canteen building for Baan Nong Kae school apart of its stated function shall also serve as a meeting place for local community. Due to its prominent and public role it is intended to become local landmark highlighted by its size and form.
The project has been developed in section and based on idea of ample double roof which would not only significantly improve thermal insulation of the building but also can serve as a source of indirect natural lighting. The depth and geometry of the roof allows for creation of smaller elevated space aligned with long sides of the building. Subdivided by two functional rooms in the middle the side spaces are still big enough to accommodate one group of children at a time allowing teachers to appropriately manage pupils. The smaller dimension of these spaces also mean that children will feel more comfortable there than in main hall which serves adults. Open façade allows for natural cross ventilation of the building. Orientation of the vertical thins catches the outside wind and directs it into the building. Elevation above the ground reduces humidity and white surface of the roof reflects much of the sun radiation. Trees and bushes to be planted around the building will further reduce the heat absorption of the building. Metal chain link curtain at “sala” like entrance and back terrace allow to close up the space without blocking of the air-flow.