Ubon Ratchathani

MCM house, as the name indicates, is a deliberate formal reference to residential architecture style, which while brought over from United States proved to be very successful in Thailand. Protruding roof, clerestory windows, sunscreens among other elements protect the residential interior well from tropical, humid climate.
In its organization however the house borrows from Thai vernacular architecture, where respective rooms are connected only by an elevated platform. In MCM house the platform becomes central green patio and public areas of the house. Entrance hall, dining room, living room and lounge area create a cross outlining 2 bedroom spaces in the back of the house and kitchen and working zone in its front. When in one of the “public” spaces, one will always find himself being surrounded by the nature thanks to central, secluded courtyard. Elevated walkway around the courtyard with the small terrace, another reference to Thai traditional architecture, protect the interior from direct sun. Gently undulating roof, the projects dominate feature outlines functional organization of the house.