Sa Kaeo

Baan Wang Ree combines 5 classrooms. They have been separated into 5 distinguished buildings in order to improve children orientation in space. The distance between each unit also ensures sufficient sound insulation and allows for natural light to penetrate interior of each room filtered through “fah lai” elements borrowed from vernacular Thai architecture. Since only one side of each building will be opened at the time, class rooms would remain visually separated and pupils will not distract each other. Front, south façade of the building features mirrored surface framed by vertical wooden studs. Mirror reflects the southern sun, becomes interactive and dynamic façade and gives the children an opportunity to draw while being easy to maintain. North façade overlooking the garden remains mostly open allowing indirect natural light. “Fah pakon“ inspired structure, apart of holding the façade together creates integrated storage spaces.
Structurally building consists out three independent parts, concrete platform, steel roof structure and wooden classrooms. Classrooms initially to be built from recycled wood from previous building, can be replaced or expanded independently from the rest of the structure. Double roof featuring void between top metal and bottom wooden layer allows for optimal thermal insulation. White surface of the roof reflects the sun heat. Triple layer of metal mosquito net installed at the top of south façade and over whole back façade allows for natural ventilation of the interior.