This workshop is not a kind of ‘usual’ workshop with a given topic and method, where students start to make research, analysis and then work on the design. We understand this workshop as a challenge, a search for the very personal interest of each student in architecture, using the field trip for a material and its tradition as a starting point. The outcome, meaning the final project is not predefined in terms of presentation or theme, but has to serve public usage. The students are challenged to take their personal interest and do not follow ‘given rules’. A lecture and guided tour through the Austrian Embassy Building in Bangkok on Saturday, 17.6.17 will serve as a starting point, where tradition, curiosity, challenge and transformation processes even under constraints will be presented. On this day the students will meet us and mentors for a get together and questioning before they start their field trip. By facing materials outside the familiar surroundings on the field trip they discover something traditional, unusual that interests them and they start to collect data of the materials, forms, usage with their own or learnt method. They make interviews, talk to people to understand why the material is used like that, make sketches about the context, the usage, the combination with others, the qualities and more. Inherent knowledge of the traditional material and
its applications gained through observation is the basis for transformation. A record or sketchbook of the field trip is obligatory and then serves the student to study the traditional quality and how it can be transformed into a contemporary quality. The following part, starting on the 26.6.17, will be an analysis of the collected data and a definition of theme and process under the advisory supervision of mentors. Students will work in the spaces at ASA location, which gives them the possibility for experiments, tests, concentration and more. Two reviews for about two to three days with us and mentors during this period will serve as discussion forum for transformation processes of each project. At the final presentation on 28.7.17 and 29.7.17, where we all participate, students will show their field trip record, analysis and studies, transformation processes and final project for public usage.

Text by HOLODECK architects.